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Q. Do the families need to still make the final arrangements with the cemetery?

A. We can assist the family at the time the arrangements with the cemetery are needed.

Q. What cemeteries do you sell property for?

A. We specialize in plot sales at Newport Beach Cemetery and Corona Del Mar Cemetery, CA but our license is accepted at any cemetery in California.

Q. Will the cemetery honor and accept this transaction?

A. Yes. We have a relationship with the cemetery where your plot is being purchased.

Q. Can I see the plot before I buy?

A. Yes, you can set appointment time to see before you buy. Call us to schedule your memorial park tour today.

Q. Can I make payments?

A. We do not offer payment plans since our already low prices are heavily discounted.

Q. Are Caskets included with the plot?

A. No

Q. What is included with the plot?

A. Endowment care - one time fee is included in the price of the plot.

Q. Are plots for one person or for 2?

A. Both depending on burial type - side by side or one on top of the other. Depending on family preference.

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